Australian domain name specialists since 2008

Simply put...I love domain names!

Whether it's the excitement of trying to acquire just the right name for your business, or the prospect that someone might pay big money for a domain name you own (it happens), domain names are an absolute requirement in today's world. That's why I've enjoyed 10 years working with some of Australia's largest household names providing valuations and acquisition services for thousands of Australian domain names.

Paul M (Founder)

How much do we charge?

Domain Name Acquisitions/Sales

Whatever we do, we always work on a "no win, no fee" basis. When negotiating domain name sales, we work on a percentage rate (typically 10%) of the final domain name sale value. This is often subject to a pre-agreed minimum.

With acquisitions, we normally work on a fixed fee, because otherwise, if we're working to reduce what you pay for the domain name, the harder we work, the lower the cost and the less we'd get paid!

Domain Name Appraisal Charges

We offer two service levels for Australian domain name appraisal:

  • Free

  • Standard - $49

Domain Name Registration

Australian domain name registration is charged at $39.95 for a period of 2 years.

Domain Name Registrant Change

Buying or selling an Australian domain name? We can arrange a domain name registrant change for you for just $199*, including 2 year registration renewal.

* NOTE: This does not include the cost of the domain name