Australian domain name specialists since 2008

Simply put...I love domain names!

Whether it's the excitement of trying to acquire just the right name for your business, or the prospect that someone might pay big money for a domain name you own (it happens), domain names are an absolute requirement in today's world. That's why I've enjoyed 10 years working with some of Australia's largest household names providing valuations and acquisition services for thousands of Australian domain names.

Paul M (Founder)

How do we evaluate your domain name?

We use an entirely manual evaluation process based on the following key factors:

  • The construction of the name itself

  • The length of the domain name

  • The genericness of the domain name

  • Whether a website exists at the domain currently (not always an advantage)

  • Google's index of the domain name

On top of this, we apply 10 years of experience buying, selling, brokering and acquiring Australian domain names for clients including some of Australia's most iconic brands.

The process for appraisal is the same for free and standard domain name appraisals (see Types of Appraisal for more info).