Two types of appraisal

We provide two types of  domain name appraisal:

  • Standard
  • Private

The content and detail of the appraisal is the same regardless of type, and will normally consist of a consideration of the factors relating to the estimated value of the domain name (see Appraisal Process), plus the valuation itself.

Standard Domain Name Appraisals

We reserve the right to publish standard domain name appraisals via our social media channels (e.g. our Google+ page), this website, or any other public outlet, at any time after creation.

The following details are published:

  • the domain name
  • any comments
  • the estimated value of the domain

Details of the individual requesting the appraisal (name, email address and telephone number) are not published.

If, after receiving a standard appraisal, you decide you'd prefer to keep the information to yourself, you can opt to convert to a private appraisal until the standard appraisal is published, after which time the information is considered public domain.

Private Domain Name Appraisals

Private appraisals are a chargeable service and are not released to the public within the time frame indicated (3 months, 1 year or 3 years). We will not provide public appraisals of the domain name within that time period, but will re-appraise for the original recipient on request.